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4 Months Digital Marketing Internship Course

Are you ready to take your first step towards an exciting career in digital marketing?

Our 4 months internship training program in Kannur, Kerala is designed to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to excel in this dynamic field. Whether you are a recent graduate or looking to switch careers, our program is the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience and kickstart your journey in digital marketing.

Our Digital Marketing internship course modules are designed after careful research and planning and curated according to the skill demand in the market and industry requirements. Each section is trained by professionals with expertise and deep knowledge in their respective modules; the students will get 360-degree knowledge of Digital Marketing. Students will engage in client handling and work on real-time digital marketing projects on all channels to get hands-on experience with the lessons learned.

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Social Media Management
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ChatGPT Prompting
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Search Engine Marketing
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Search Engine Optimization
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Influence Marketing
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WhatsApp Marketing
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Freelance Job Support
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Website Management
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Affiliate Training
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Personal Branding
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Agency Orientation
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Real Client Handling

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You can attend Demo class of our Digital Marketing Internship / Online Course by submitting the form & get a taste of our unique training approach.

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Join Our Free Course Session

You can attend Demo class of our Digital Marketing Internship / Online Course by submitting the form & get a taste of our unique training approach.

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What Makes Our Digital Marketing Internship Program in Kannur Stand Out?

Our digital marketing internship program is unique because we offer a 4-month duration, with 30 days of dedicated practical exposure on real client projects, and personalized mentoring.

Our students work with our agency teams, creating social media ads, developing content calendars, and interacting with clients and even work on chat GPT prompts for SEO projects. We also provide exposure to industry-leading tools and technologies, certification, networking opportunities, soft skills training, and practical experience in analytics.

This allows them to gain insights into the workings of a digital marketing agency and understand how different teams collaborate to deliver results and prepares them to be well-rounded digital marketing professionals. These experiences are not typically offered in other digital marketing institutes.

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Our Digital Marketing Programmes

  • 4 Months
  • 30+ Modules
  • Real Assignments
  • 10+ Live Project
  • 14+ Global Certification
  • Interview Training
  • Placement Support & Assistance
  • Be an Expert in 20 Days
  • Live Classes Only
  • Master Instagram Reels
  • Run Live Facebook & Insta Ads
  • Learn Facebook Ad Manager
  • Facebook Business Suite
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Daily Class Recording Provided
  • 1.5 Months
  • Live Classes Only
  • 15+ Modules
  • 10+ Assignments
  • Create Your Own Website
  • Run Google Ads Project
  • 9+ Global Certification
  • Placement Assistance

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From the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kannur 

Let's take a closer look at the key Differences

Course Features Trysocio Digital Academy Other Institutes
Practical Exposure 40+ Days Limited to 1 or 2 weeks of the total course
Live Client Projects Our Students work on our agency’s real client projects Limited to small or dummy projects
Chat GPT Exposure Dedicated Training provided on ChatGPT Prompting Not available in the syllabus
Work with Agency Teams Opportunity to work with our agency team on real client projects Limited or No such service
Case Study Analysis In-depth analysis of successful digital marketing cases in our agency Limited Information Shared
Freelancing Career Support Dedicated classes on building up Digital marketing Freelancing Career Don’t provide any dedicated support
Course Curriculum Regularly updated as per industry trends & requirements Not Up-to-date and lacks practical relevance
Leading Tools & Technologies Exposure to latest digital marketing tools  Mostly Limited to Free Digital Marketing Tools
Client Pitching & Proposals Our Students take part in creating Client pitches and proposals Limited or No such service
Personalized Career Guidance Sessions to help students identify their strengths, interests & potential career paths in Digital Marketing Most of the Institutes don’t offer dedicated Guidance
Value for Money Reasonably priced with no compromise on quality Comparatively Expensive fees

We’ve Got You Covered


Certifications from the big names on the web, such as Google, Bing, Hubspot and more, turn you into a professional who meets the requirements of the industry.


Learn to experiment, analyze and develop comprehensive solutions as part of a team working on real-time projects of varied genres.


The trainers shall impart the deep insight and experience they have gained in their respective modules by working in the industry over the years.


Dealing with clients, working on goals, meeting deadlines and budget constraints, you shall be industry- ready by the end of this course!


Along with our 360* digital marketing training, we also help you build your Digital Resume. Direct placement opportunities through our agency partners.


Communicate with agencies clients seeking Ad objectives, feedbacks, social media content & understand how real marketing agency functions.

Why Choose an Agency-Based Digital Marketing Institute ?

Work on Actual Projects

Unlike traditional training institutes, an agency-based digital marketing institute provides hands-on experience working on live projects for real clients.

Work with Industry Experts

Work with professionals who have extensive experience in digital marketing. Benefit from their deep insights, up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends & strategies.

Most Updated Syllabus

Most Agencies offer an updated curriculum designed to meet the current needs and demands of the digital marketing industry. Learn the tools, techniques, and best practices used by top agencies.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry professionals, fellow students, and guest lectures through agency-based internships an advantage regular institutes can't provide.

Work with Our Agency

Experience working in a team environment of a real digital marketing agency. Collaborate with peers, developing your teamwork and communication skills.

Build Strong Portfolio

Working on real projects during your training allows you to build a strong portfolio of work that showcases your skills and capabilities.

Client Management Skills

Learn how to communicate effectively with clients, understand their needs, and deliver successful digital marketing solutions. This skill set is crucial for a successful career in the industry.

Don’t settle for a generic training institute when you can gain practical experience, industry insights, and valuable networking opportunities. Join us, an agency-based digital marketing institute today and embark on a rewarding digital marketing journey!



Students currently pursuing their degrees or graduated can enroll in this course that opens the doors to exciting and well-paid careers in digital marketing. Encompassing basic & advanced topics in digital marketing with recognized certifications, this course helps you land a job as a Digital Marketer.

woman having a conversation with her colleague in a cafeteria

Professionals, who aim for consistent growth in their work profile by adding digital marketing expertise and certifications to their credit / skill set, or who wish to have a profile switch to one of the most demanding Digital Marketing Industry can enroll in this course without a shadow of a doubt.

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Many youngsters now prefer freelancing over permanent jobs owing to the pleasure of self-employment & multiple income sources. Digital marketing has great scope as a freelancing career and to fulfill their entrepreneur dream.

Digital Marketing Training with a Difference!

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Learn by Doing

The obvious question whenever you think of learning Digital Marketing is ‘from where do I start ?’

At Trysocio Digital Academy Kannur, Kerala Hands-on & practical knowledge of all Digital Marketing domains would be made available to you with the experts walking you through each step.

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Experience Agency Work Culture

Come here to shuffle ideas, learn & to have FUN!

Quench your thirst for knowledge by working alongside our highly talented team and through our program of structured training.

Feedback from Our Digital Marketing

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Our Students Work On Brands Like

Our Students Work On Brands Like

Ready To Start a Promising Digital Marketing Career?

Here are some common FAQs that can help you

Digital marketing offers a wide range of career opportunities, such as social media manager, content strategist, search engine optimizer, email marketer, digital analyst, and more. With the growing demand for digital marketing, there are ample opportunities to build a successful career in this field.

To succeed in a digital marketing internship, you should possess a variety of skills such as strong communication, analytical thinking, creativity, project management, and attention to detail. Additionally, having knowledge of digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, Hootsuite, and Adobe Creative Suite can be helpful.

Doing a digital marketing internship in Kannur can provide you with several benefits, such as gaining real-world experience in the field, developing your skills, building your professional network, and getting a better understanding of the digital marketing industry in the region.

To find a digital marketing internship in Kerala, you can start by searching on online job portals, reaching out to companies in the industry, networking with professionals in the field, and checking with digital marketing institutes or agencies like us.

The duration of a digital marketing internship can vary depending on the company and the program. It can range from a few weeks to a few months. Typically, internships last for 3 to 6 months, providing you with ample time to gain hands-on experience in the field.

The eligibility criteria for a digital marketing internship may vary depending on the company and the program. Generally, you need to be a graduate or pursuing a degree in marketing or related fields. You should also have a keen interest in digital marketing and possess the necessary skills to be successful in the internship.

To choose the best digital marketing institute in Kannur, Kerala, you should consider factors such as the institute’s reputation, course curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and industry connections. You can also look at online reviews and ratings, speak with alumni, attend demo classes, and compare multiple institutes before deciding.

Yes, At Trysocio we allow instalment payments to support our students.

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We are a leading Digital Marketing Course provider in Kannur, Kerala. We offer 360* practical training in SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics,ChatGPT,Social Media Marketing etc as well as an introduction to Market Intelligence and AI for our students.