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Salary For Digital Marketing Jobs in Kerala for 2020

As the new decade has awakened, everybody is looking out for a prospective career that generates great income. As Indian and GCC economies are experiencing a major pitfall, people are looking for jobs that hold a future. The world is going digital with the internet being used for everything. The Internet simply rules the world. So a career that utilizes the immense potential of digital technology and the internet for marketing and promoting businesses has scope all over the globe.

 Digital marketing is THE future.

Digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing by all means, with the social media fever the world over. Trained, talented and certified digital marketers are much in demand. With an initial salary of Rs. 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum, it is a great start for beginners. By working on varied projects, handling clients and experimenting with innovative marketing campaigns, you have opportunities for which the sky is the limit. A rewarding career with a satisfying remuneration is a package that a digital marketer enjoys.

As you gain experience and expertise over the years, you can look for jobs overseas or corporate companies in India that pay you well. Digital marketing analysts or heads can earn anywhere between 10-15 lakhs per annum. It can vary based on your skill, organizational capabilities and the ability to come up with innovative digital solutions to meet the challenges of the market. You can work on varied profiles in the digital marketing stream, like SEO analysis, social media management and so on which are the need of the hour. A website with a high search engine ranking and an active social media presence has become an essential factor for successful businesses, opening the doors to more opportunities in these streams.

There are a few who like to be their own boss. Digital marketing is one such stream that fulfills your entrepreneurial dream. With a little initial investment and a lot of creative minds at work, you can start your digital marketing agency. The satisfaction of building, promoting and establishing brands is immense. Good work that stands apart from the rest can bring in good clients and projects. Your ability to meet deadlines, deliver quality work and measurable results can bring in money and fame in a jiffy.

Nothing in life is a bed of roses. Digital marketing isn’t a cakewalk either. The stress to meet deadlines, produce measurable results and bring in innovation is high. But with a digital marketing internship that gives you an agency experience, real-time project exposure, intensive training in the subject and internationally accredited certifications, landing in a career with a good salary is a sure shot. The Trysocio digital academy’s intensive training program has all the ingredients needed to turn you into a promising and reliable digital marketing professional. With the expertise of MORE than 5 years in digital marketing with agencies in Bangalore and Kannur, this digital marketing training program is intended to impart practical knowledge regarding this vast subject with hands-on training.

 All that begins well, ends well. Do your research, enroll in a digital marketing course that covers numerous modules by doing justice to the vast subject that digital marketing is, get certified and pave your way to a lucrative career with a great salary, brilliant opportunities, and scope for both personal and professional development. Contact Trysocio, one of the best digital marketing academy in Kannur, Kerala and Bangalore to understand your best opportunities in this digital world.

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Sreejith Prabhakaran - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Sreejith Prabhakaran - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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