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Why Should You Learn Digital Marketing From an Agency And Not An Institute?

The process of learning continues for life. The best schools are those who not only give importance to great scores, grades, and certificates but churn out individuals who want to think, explore and innovate. We live in an age where there is a place that offers to teach you anything you want. It is often overwhelmingly surprising to find online courses for streams we couldn’t have even dreamt of.

But when you learn, learn from the very best.

Digital marketing is one such stream that was not this popular a decade ago. Owing to the digital transformation of businesses and the social media impact on traditional marketing practices, digital marketing is now the most sought after course by tech-savvy youngsters. A trained and creative professional digital marketer can do wonders in the business world.

Digital marketing comprising of a wide spectrum of topics that include web designing and development, SEO, social media marketing, social media management, content marketing and many more, you have a lot of options to choose your specialization. With proper training, hands-on experience of the market demands and skill to develop new strategies and campaigns, you can carve your niche in the digital marketing world.

But the BIG question is from where?

Several institutes offer digital marketing courses in kannur on a short-term and long-term basis. But digital marketing cannot be learnt from textbooks. It has to be learnt with practical project experience. So it is always best to learn from an eminent digital marketing agency as they have a lot of projects for you to work on, clients for you to interact with and challenges for you to realize the pulse of the market. Apart from giving a deep insight into the nuances of the digital marketing world, they are connected to business houses and can offer you placement assistance and a gentle push to land in your first job, which is all you need to pave your way into a lucrative career.

The agency experience will transform your personality and most often, the agency can offer you a digital marketing internship program if they find you to be a potential candidate who can go a long way. They can also help you identify your strengths in the digital marketing stream and help you choose your specialization. Practical learning from digital marketing experts is always better than the conventional method of learning from an institute that can give you only case studies, not real-time projects to work on.

Trysocio is a digital marketing agency that has been instrumental in building brands, designing websites and running social media campaigns that have caused a stir on the internet for many years. The Trysocio Digital marketing Academy at Kannur is our initiative in imparting the digital marketing knowledge we have acquired with our experience in the industry over the years. We offer placement assistance to our students and train them to turn into digital marketing professionals the world looks out for.

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Sreejith Prabhakaran - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Sreejith Prabhakaran - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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